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Download these mp3 files to your phone or audio player, find a large outdoor space, and follow the guide to trace the path of a 7-ring classical labyrinth.

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About Us

Labyrinth Launchpad was set up by a group of labyrinth enthusiasts who recognized a need for accessible, free-of-charge or affordable support to introduce the labyrinth to new people, and to help them introduce it to others, especially outside of the English-speaking world.

The worldwide labyrinth community is growing, and we support everyone who wishes to bring the labyrinth to their communities. We realize that everyone starts from a unique place, has specific needs, and may be working in cultures and in environments that are different from our own.

Through this website, we encourage you to explore more of what is freely available to help you learn more about and engage with others who work with the labyrinth. We recommend Veriditas, and Labyrinthos, which offer specific advice regarding working professionally with and training as a labyrinth host and discovering the history of the labyrinth. We are all members of The Labyrinth Society, which we also recommend.

Labyrinth Launchpad comprises an informal network of volunteers. The project and resources offered on this site are completely free of charge, and almost all of them are also free of copyright (those that are the copyright of particular individuals or organizations are indicated by the © symbol. Information given on other websites that we offer links to may be subject to copyright). We do not make any money from this venture, which is not affiliated with any other organization or cause. We have no objective other than to share our love of the labyrinth and to support, share with, and learn from those around the world who share our passion, or who wish to bring the labyrinth into their communities and work.

Labyrinth Launchpad
Supporting labyrinth lovers worldwide.

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