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This Internet site is the property of Labyrinth Launchpad ('the Title Holder'), and is registered in the United Kingdom.

1. Intellectual Property

The 'Labyrinth Launchpad' name is protected by copyright.

Except where otherwise indicated, all original content on this website is free of copyright, including training notes, reflective exercises and videos, press releases and associated images, and guidance notes. You may download, adapt, copy and use this material for your own use, or for the purpose of training or supporting others to engage with the labyrinth.

This freedom of copyright does not apply to external websites that we may link to, nor to resources that are not explicitly created by us and uniquely hosted on this website. Information provided via such sites may be protected as the intellectual property of the Title Holder of that website or by another third party.

2. Links to the Site

You may link to this site if you wish to make a link from another site to it.

3. Data Protection

The Title Holder respects the freedom of all people who visit the site, and who register with the community to receive emails that are periodically sent by The Title Holder.

Personal Information

Except and only as may be required by a law enforcement body, The Title Holder will not share information allowing you to be identified personally (directly, or indirectly) - for example your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address - with any third party individual or organization, unless you have voluntarily communicated your permission allowing this to us.

Cookies Policy

During your visit to the site, we do not set up information directly on your computer, for example under the name of "cookies" or a similar file.

4. Disclaimer

To the extent permitted by law, the Title Holder makes no warranty whatsoever concerning the site or any of its contents, and neither do any third parties involved directly and indirectly in the creation of this site. The Title Holder will not be liable (whether in direct or indirect damages, special damages, particular or accessory damages) for any losses of whatever nature which you or third parties may sustain as a result of your use of or access to this site, or in relation to the training program provided, other downloadable materials provided by or recommended by this website or training program, via mentoring and support, the Facebook group, Zoom calls, and YouTube Channel administered by the Title Holder. This disclaimer applies in its entirety in respect of access to sites linked to the Title Holder's sites by means of hyperlinks. Some information and data available on the Title Holder's sites is produced by third parties: the Title Holder is committed to making its best effort to provide reliable content, which is pertinent, correct and exhaustive, but is not responsible for any errors, or any absence of information available and/or the presence of a virus on its site. You agree that any information that you send to the Title Holder is non-confidential and free of right. Except an explicit preliminary agreement to the contrary applies, the Title Holder is free to use any ideas, concepts, expertise or techniques contained in any communication from you for any purpose, including, without limitation, for the purpose of reproducing and divulging any information to third parties.

5. Clarification and applicable law

The applicable law is English law, and it is agreed that only the English courts have jurisdiction in relation to these terms of use.

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