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Introducing the Labyrinth to Others

Here we offer a range of resources to help you gain confidence as you experience the labyrinth, and to suggest some ways for introducing the labyrinth in your community, organization, or work. These include self study notes, offering a foundation to the labyrinth and labyrinth walking, as well as a wealth of copyright-free materials* that you may wish to adopt, adapt, or add to, as part of an entry-level labyrinth host training program that you may wish to offer for others.

Click on the links below as relevant for your need.

 Self-study and training resources:
    Path for self study
    Resources for individuals developing training programs
 Introducing the labyrinth in your community or work
 Discovering the labyrinth-cultural and meaningful "ways in"
 Additional resources and information sources

* Information, downloads, videos, and other materials provided via external websites that we link to may be subject to copyright.

Additional resources and information sources

In addition to the resources offered by Labyrinth Launchpad, the following organisations provide support for training, as well as support for labyrinth projects. Most of these operate in the English-speaking world, and usually charge a fee for their services.

Labyrinth host training

The principle organisation for Labyrinth Facilitator Training is Veriditas, a US-based non profit organisation, founded in 1995 by Lauren Artress.

Veriditas offers introductory, facilitator, and advanced facilitator training, supported by an accreditation program. Its programs are periodically run in North America, Europe, and Australasia. It also hosts other location-based and online events, including retreats and summer schools. A scholarship grant can be applied for to support the cost of facilitator training.

Veriditas also operates VIA (Veriditas International Association of Professionally Trained Labyrinth Facilitators), an organisation of professional labyrinth facilitators, giving access to a library of webinars and other features.

Other suppliers of training for labyrinth hosts include:

Peaceful Endeavours. Offers one-to-one training for labyrinth hosts, and advice on introducing the labyrinth within communities. Holds workshops in various parts of the world.

LabyrinthJourney (USA)

The Labyrinth Guild of New England. (USA)

Labyrinth Makers

Supplier listings (in English):

Portable labyrinth makers

Permanent labyrinth constructors and consultants

Pop-up labyrinth suppliers

Finger labyrinth suppliers

Free patterns for crocheting/knitting a finger labyrinth

Labyrinth Launchpad
Supporting labyrinth lovers worldwide.

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