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Mentoring & Support

Subject to availability, the timing of calls, and agreement of a basis for engaging, including mutual acceptance of a code of conduct that respects the goodwill and time of volunteers offering this service, we will endeavour to offer free-of-charge, remote mentoring and support for individuals who are progressing through our foundation training program or who are engaged in a serious initiative to introduce a labyrinth within their community or work.

Given our limited resources and time, this service cannot be guaranteed and may be limited to one or two Skype or Zoom calls, but it is our intention to offer support and guidance where we are able.

Please note that most of our current mentors are English speaking. We encourage anyone who receives mentoring from us to consider becoming mentors, or otherwise contributing to our community and resources when they are able. This will help our ambition to make information and resources about the labyrinth available in many languages and being appropriate for different cultures and contexts.

Similarly, you may email us with any question connected with your work with the labyrinth. We will endeavour to respond as soon as possible, although often this will not be immediately.

To enquire about mentoring or raise a question, please email us at

Supporting Us

We welcome anyone who has a passion for the labyrinth to join us in our aim of making the labyrinth accessible to a wide audience. There are various ways that you may feel able to help:

 Suggesting language translations for any of the content that we host (including pointing out errors and suggesting improvements–however small).

 Offering a little time to occasionally mentor and support individuals who are new to the labyrinth, preparing to host walks, or introduce the labyrinth within their communities or work. This may often be carried out remotely via Skype or Zoom, and may involve several sessions of approximately one hour each. The language or languages that you may be able to speak needn't be a barrier to being a mentor–we'll find ways to enable communication when a mentor and mentee may not share each other's mother tongue.

 Suggesting new content to add to the material that we offer, which may include links to external sites or other sources of help that we've missed.

To suggest help of any kind or find out more about what mentoring might involve, please email us at

Go Fund Us!

We are grateful for all contributions to our GoFundMe page, which help support the operating and development of this website.

Funds are used to pay toward the cost of hosting the website, any costs associated with telephone calls, printing and postage for mentoring, as well as for non-English translations of the website content, training materials, and YouTube transcripts. No expenses are charged by contributors to this website, nor by mentor volunteers.

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