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Labyrinth Launchpad offers clear information and many links to help you make sense of what the labyrinth is, how to work with one, and where to go to find out more. We offer a wealth of free of charge and free of copyright* resources to help you bring a labyrinth into your community, and to connect with experienced labyrinth champions who can support and mentor you as you start out on your labyrinth journey.

In particular, we offer a wide range of help and guidance for:

 LEARNING ABOUT THE LABYRINTH–discovering its history, uses, types, and ways of walking one.

 ENGAGING OTHERSfree-of-charge training resources and guidance to help you introduce others to the labyrinth, and to give you a strong foundation for hosting walks.

 THE LABYRINTH AS A TOOL–guidance for using the labyrinth to address specific needs, such as in grief support, resolving conflicts, and working with diversity.

 SUPPORT & MENTORING–a way to approach an experienced user/host of the labyrinth, who may be able to offer guidance relevant for your particular need. Find out here too how you can help by contributing content to the site, helping with translations, or being a mentor to labyrinth newcomers.

We value the labyrinth as an ancient and universal gift that is available for people of all cultures and faith traditions (as well as those who have no religious belief). As such, the content that we offer is intended to be universally applicable, and we have tried to avoid describing this in the language of a particular culture or tradition.

Feel free to reach out to us via our Support page with any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you extend the gift of the labyrinth within your own community or area of work.

Our website is developing. Being led by volunteers, as yet, we have very few people able to accurately translate from English. Some of our translation is therefore courtesey of 'Google Translate', and we welcome any help to put us right where improvement may be needed in your language.

Similarly, we welcome suggestions in any language for books, articles, videos, resources, organizations, and anything that may be of interest to visitors to this site. Please contact us via the Support page if you've any suggestions. Thank you.

* Information, downloads, videos, and more provided via external websites that we link to may be subject to copyright.

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