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Introducing the Labyrinth to Others – Other Resources

In addition to the resources offered by Labyrinth Launchpad, the following organisations provide support for training and implementing labyrinth projects. Note that most of these operate in the English-speaking world, and usually charge a fee for their services.

Labyrinth host training

The principle organisation for Labyrinth Facilitator Training is Veriditas, a US-based non profit organisation, founded in 1995 by Lauren Artress, whose labyrinth ministry, beginning at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, inspired the growth of the modern popularity of labyrinths.

Veriditas offers introductory, facilitator, and advanced facilitator training, supported by an accreditation program. Its programs are periodically run in North America, Europe, and Australasia, and it additionally hosts other location-based and online events, including retreats and summer schools. A scholarship grant can be applied for to support the cost of facilitator training.

Veriditas also operates VIA (Veriditas International Association of Professionally Trained Labyrinth Facilitators), an organisation of professional labyrinth facilitators, giving access to a library of webinars and other features.

Other suppliers of training for labyrinth hosts include:

Peaceful Endeavours. A wonderful resource for lovers of the labyrinth, offering one-to-one training for labyrinth hosts, and advice on introducing the labyrinth within communities. Holds workshops in various parts of the world.

LabyrinthJourney (USA)

The Labyrinth Guild of New England. New England based community offering workshops introducing the labyrinth.

Labyrinth Makers

Portable labyrinth makers

Note: Most suppliers in this and the following sections will ship products / offer their services worldwide.

Discover Labyrinths LLC (USA)

The Labyrinth Builders (UK)

The Labyrinth Company (USA)

Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC (USA)

Paths of Peace, the maker of the labyrinth for Labyrinth Around America. (USA)

Paxworks (USA)

Robin McGauley (Canada)

Veriditas (USA)

Permanent labyrinth constructors and consultants

Paths of Peace (USA)

Earth Symbols (USA)

Creative Labyrinths (USA)

The Labyrinth Builders (UK)

The Labyrinth Company (USA) Design advice, facilitation, and workshops (Ireland)

Labyrinthos Design, advice, publications and tours. (UK)

Mark Healy Labyrinths (Australia)

Labyrinths In Stone (USA)

Veriditas (USA)

'Pop-up' labyrinth suppliers

Discover Labyrinths Quick and easy labyrinth construction for community and other events by Lars Howlett. (USA)

Directions on how to Make a Labyrinth from The Labyrinth Society.

The Sand Labyrinth Kit by Lauren Artress, 2002, Tuttle Publications. Includes a book, two templates, and a bag of sand.

Journey Book Club article describing three ways to make your own labyrinth.

Center for Faith and Hope Offers guidance on how to create a labyrinth.

Rope and Chalk Labyrinth Kit (Creative Labyrinths) (USA)

Finger labyrinth suppliers

Das Fingerlabyrinth (Germany)

DMH Studio (also offers guidance on how to make a finger labyrinth) (USA)

Rowan labyrinths made by an art centre and charity for people with learning difficulties (UK)

Peaceful Endeavours. Also offers a "personal labyrinth experience kit", which includes a printed labyrinth that can be used as a wall hanging (USA)


Veriditas Medieval Labyrinth (USA)

Harmony Labyrinths (USA) (USA)

Mark Healy Labyrinths (Australia)

The Labyrinth Shop (USA)

Mindful Soulutions (Canada)

Mountain Valley Centre (USA)

Paths of Peace (USA)

Paxworks (USA)

Pilgrim Paths Ltd (UK)

QDimensions (Australia)

Relax4Life (USA)

Robin McGauley (Canada)

Santa Rosa Labyrinth (Creative Labyrinths) (USA)

Free patterns for crocheting/knitting a finger labyrinth:

Women of the ELCA (Online, includes helpful factsheet and instructions on how to use the labyrinth)

Irish Lace (Online)

Evelyn Clark Designs (Online)

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